G3 Community Torch Awards

The George Hill Rising Stars Community Torch Awards program was an idea created by George Hill. While pondering creative ways for our AAU boys and girls programs, parents and siblings to get excited and motivated to become strong stewards in their community, he decided to have them compete! Each team/individual races each year to accumulate the most community service points to obtain G3 Torch Awards. Teams gain points by participating in community service events in the Indianapolis community throughout the year. Teams are ran by committees of parents who keep track of community service hours. At the end of the month, quarter and year, each team is recognized for their hard work and accomplishments. We understand it is challenging for parents and families to allocate their time for community service with all the demands society places on each of us. This program takes that into consideration and allows teams/families to participate in community service programs at their leisure. This program also seeks to consistently raise money on behalf of child literacy and cancer research. Your sponsorship of the G3 Community Torch Awards program would be beneficial in the form of providing needs such as transport vans, drivers, paid tutors and mentors.


G3 Community Giving

George Hill Rising Stars has teamed up with Modest Needs foundation to create innovative local community give back program. G3 Community Giving is a program that looks to cater and assist those individuals and families who work hard to make ends meet but are one step from hardship. This program is not for the poor or homeless but rather for families and individuals who live check to check and all the sudden are burden with a huge medical, auto, home repair etc. This program will identify those individuals and after a careful screening process, G3 Community Giving will seek to pay those unforeseen bills to keep families and individuals on track financially. Ultimately these funds will be supplemented by local and national donors who will actually have a say on who will get vital funding. This will enable a particular donors to know and actual feel close to the cause they are championing.


FWC4E G3 Steppers

Our FWC4E G3 Steppers program is dedicate to enriching the lives of local Indianapolis girls through step dance and community service. These wonderful ladies do more than dance they are prolific steppers!  These wonderful young women provide thrilling halftime performances at sporting events and were named the 2011Youth Step Down champions! The goal of G3 Steppers is to provide a warm positive environment where young ladies can develop their social skills, build high self-esteem, become leaders while giving back to their communities through volunteering. G3 Steppers worked hard last year raising money on their own from hosting car washes to garage sale. This year the G3 Steppers would like your help in taking their success to greater heights!


Brocket the Mascot

Brocket the G3 Mascot (Formerly Spike) represents the energy the love that exudes in all of G3! This lovable beast spreads cheer at all local basketball tournaments and leagues. Brocket has a great relationship with Pacer’s mascot Boomer and is currently learning all his flips and quirky moves from the furry veteran. Brocket has also worked hard the past year raising money for a new and improved costume, unique gadgets and tricks to impress and put smiles on children’s faces! Brocket’s mission is to have a bigger impact on the community from visiting sick children in hospitals to spreading cheer and excitement around the basketball court.