About Us

George Hill Rising Stars is a growing basketball team(s). Our goal is to touch the lives of young boys and be positive role…models as they mature into young men. We use basketball as a vehicle to teach our young boys life skills such as; team work, commitment, positive reinforcement and hard work. All of these skills are needed in our journey through life. We also express deep interest in academics as well as future goals. Our children are not made to be one track mindedl they are all unique and have different strengths and weaknesses. It is our goal to expound on their strengths and nurture their weaknesses. 

“G3” represents GUTS, GRIND, GLORY. We encourage our kids to have the GUTS to go for it, the GRIND to commit to it and enjoy the GLORY that comes with it. With all the distractions and negative energy flowing through technology today, G3 is an outlet of positive alternatives. We travel the world taking children outside the box into differnet environments and cultures. We strive to make memorable moments that our children will keep for life. We want the best out of our children so they will always shoot for the best in whatever they decide to do in life.
George Hill Rising Stars is a solid foundation which stands on honor, respect and love. With a solid foundation, the only way is up. So you will definitely see us at the top!



George Hill Rising Stars 5 Golden Rules:

1. Education is the key to my future; If I work hard and apply myself I WILL unlock the door.

2. I will Respect all authority figures, my parents, teachers, principals, bus driver, coaches, classmates, teammates and myself. I will show respect on and off the court.

3. I am a leader not a follower. A man that does not stand for something will fall for anything; that will not be me.

4. I will be Appreciative of everything someone does for me, because nobody owes me anything.

5. I will have the GUTS to go above and beyond my personal best in all situations on and off the court, GRIND every minute of school, practice and all games. Whether I finish first or last I will hold my head high and give God all the GLORY.